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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  May 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it is 6:00, that's a live look at pier 6, the convert pavilion on the right. the city scape of baltimore behind it. interesting angle. don't often see that one.
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see the gray skies out there. damp from overnight rain. humid as well. how is traffic doing? sharon will let you know after marty's weather. humid, skies are gray, low hanging clouds with a easterly flow. there is no rain in the area. you are 12 hours from now going to see rain. you will need umbrellas coming home from school and work. 66 degrees now. by lunch, 75, on its way to a high of 78. here is sharon gibala, wjz 13 traffic control. good morning. not much to get in your way, the roads could be a little bit wet from overnight rain, we have one accident working out there, that one is going to be in the city, watch for it. there is a look at the northwest side of the beltway, traffic is light at green spring avenue. traffic light on the jfxs 95,
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north of white marsh, everything at full speed. brake light or two in the distance, no official delay there just yet. for traffic information any time, log on to here is what people are talking about today, the speedboat slammed in to the pier in the dark of night sunday night, we are learning about exactly what happened there and those injured in the crash. good morning, monique. >> good morning, don k good morning, everyone. dangerous boating conditions and operate erer roare blamed for the accident that landed three people in the hospital. after a boating accident in the pa tap sco river, the coast guard releases recordings of the efforts to help the stranded boaters. nearby fishermen made the calls
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for help. the coast guard says a 40-foot cruiser struck a concrete pier sunday night, four people were rescued, three rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. they include the owner and operator of the boat, 43-year- old jerry redmon from severn. the boat was traveling at a high rate of speed out of the channel, and limited vis wbility radar off. as it rounded a corner of the river near bear creek it slammed in to a concrete piling. >> every good samaritan ability to provide assistance immediately helped save lives just as fas, probably faster than we can get on the scene. >> reporter: two of the passengers remain in the hospital this morning, one is listed in critical condition. back to you. ironically enough , the crash comes at the start of boating safety week. natural resources police say
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speeding is one of the biggest danger tons water. a believer is recovering after a -- a police officer is recovering after a car crash. the officer was investigating an accident on the southbound side of the highway when another driver hit the cruiser. the officer was taken to the hospital but expected to be okay. today another police officer throne from the jfx last year, wants $15 million in damages from the driver who almost killed her. our media partners at the baltimore sun report the officer is suing robert vanderford, he lost control of his car and hit a cruiser while she helped with another accident. it sent her flying 20 feet over the side of the highway. a third person under arrest charged in connection with a suspected pill mill in lutherville. the 45 year old is charged with conspiracy to distribute narcotics. it follows the raid on the
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healthy life clinic, police and drug agents say illegal drugs were sold. prosecutors plan to i a peel the sentence given to a former student convicted of broadcasting his roommate sexual encounter on line. >> reporter: ravi show nod expression as the judge told him he actd with colossal insensitivity. he was convicted of all the charges against him for using a web cam for spying on his roommate. clementi was having a sexual encounter with another man and ravi tweeted about it. >> when i heard the jury say guilty 288 times and i haven't heard you apologize once. >> reporter: despite strong words, the judge sentenced ravi to 30 days in jail. it's less than prosecutors wanted. shortly after the cyber bullying, clementi took his
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life jumping off of the george washington bridge. >> i had to eyed of the despair and torment tyler must have been feeling, i thought i knew him. >> reporter: his mother spoke in court, saying her son suffered in the fallout, the only time during the trial ravi showed any emotion. ravi has to pay $10,000 to a community based organization which helps the victims of biased crimes. ravi and family left the court without commenting, the judge granted a stay of the sentence while prosecutors plan their appeal. in new brunswick new jersey, drew levinson, wjz eye witness news. >> the judge doesn't think he should be deported to india where he was born. in chicago, the nato
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summit wrapped up. allied troops will be out of afghanistan by the end of 2014 and committed to supporting afghanistan security force at $4 billion. after the death of the only man ever convicted of the lockerbie bombing, the families are looking for answers. meghan mccorkell speaks to a woman who lost a daughter in the attack. >> reporter: good morning, the bomber's death and a painful chanter for the families but they say there are others that need to pay. images of mourners surrounding the casket of convicted terrorist, but its these images that haunt the families of the victims. 270 people killed over scotland when pan amex plodded in 1988.
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he was granted compassionate release from prison, diagnosed with prostate cancer and expected to live just months. this mother's daughter died inside the plane. >> his being released was like giving a get out of jail card to every terrorist everywhere. >> reporter: now she hopes the world will pressure libya to track down the other master minds of the attack. >> our government has not made this high enough a prior with the new libyan government. >> reporter: maryland senator says there are still many questions about others who are responsible for the terrible crime who have never been brought to justice. here at the high school, rosemary honor's her daughter's legacy. the loss is still with her. >> still finding ways to remember her for the world to remember her. >> reporter: am gras hey denied
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his involvement up until his death. they put a plaque up theres i would yank the thing down. it's a heck of a shot down the right field line to hit that
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warehouse, as you head out towards center field, it's a longer shot. if he would have hit that straight down the line, it may have hit the warehouse. any time a ball hits utah , there is a plaque put down with the logo, name and date and distance of the home run. >> it's fun to look down and see them. we drop a game, take two from them, we are living big. >> weather permitting. it's going to be interesting. >> right now, we have a clear scan. as you look at the forecast, later on, we are going to see showers and thunderstorms around, later on and early in the evening. 78 degrees the high this day. probably touch and go as we move towards the afternoon's commute in to the time of the ball game. ron mats joins us now. gray, warm and humid morning but dry, how are you? >> reporter: speaking of the o's, wednesday is the get away
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day for the red sox, it's an afternoon game wednesday, 12:30 start. okay? speaking of birds, we got tucan sam. brew at the zoo coming up this weekend. we will tell you about it when the eye witness news morning edition rolls on. . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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29.88 is the barometer. let's take oak land out of the mix with 66. mid-60s all around. oakland and ocean city, the easterly component. cooler on the boards at 62.
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cumberland, hagerstown, elkton, easton, packs river. 60. westminster, bel air, rock hall 64. downtown 66. 66 tv hill. we are trapped in between two systems. advanced wind system and a push of warm air coming up as we move late in to the week, by the way, we are watching alberto, absolutely doing nothing to be quite honest about it. moving out to sea and downgraded as we speak. it is going to be giving wave action to the east coast, something to be noted. 78, showers around, later and this evening. calm 62. tomorrow cloudy, more sun than clouds, couple of thunderstorms, push of air, 84, afternoon thunderstorm on
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thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, i won't put the symbol up, but i'm going to mention the chance of a summer like afternoon thunderstorm. 92 and 90 degrees friday, saturday and sunday. here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> good morning, everyone. volume is starting to build. overall it's not too bad out there. two accidents to tell you about. one in harford, that's 95, knot of white marsh. southbound lanes to the right. if you are headed out in harford, keep ware , there is an accident, cedar lane. there is a look at traffic definitely building on the west side of the beltway at exit 17. there is a look at 295 at 175, everything looking smooth, on the north and southbound lanes, this traffic report is brought by your toyota dealer. we love birds, don and
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marty. don't we? right, tucan? here is amy, big fund raiser, brew at the zoo saturday and sunday. how are you doing? >> imgood, thanks for coming out. >> our pleasure republican this is a big event. >> it's our big fund raiser for the year. we have a two-day event, memorial day weekend, this weekend coming up. get you tickets on line and go to maryland the link will be there. there is a $10 discount if you are a member. 45 nonmembers and 35 for members. >> reporter: you got the big vip deal which sells out every year. >> it's sold out saturday. famous dave is the response so. they provide lunch and dinner to everyone who buy as ticket for the vip section and a separate section of bathrooms
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which is nice. extra porta potties. you can come out, there are lots of vendors and a kids zone and it's family friendly. you can buy the tickets and walk in to the zoo with your kids for a little bit. there is a bounce zone and things for them to do. i'm coming as pregnant as i am, i'm still coming. it's a lot of fun. >> due in six weeks. >> there are designated driver tickets as well. >> reporter: tucan, we love to have him on the shows how old is he? >> 13 years old. >> has he had the bar mitzvah yet? >> we are going to throw him a party next year. >> soon you will be a man. >> we are waiting patiently. >> thank you for joining us. mailed zoo in baltimore, and you have good will ambassadors.
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see the baby wart hogs that came out. they are a lot of fun as well. >> reporter: thank you. tucan, thank you. have a great day. say back to you on tv hill. >> back to you on tv hill. >> reporter: thank you very much. excuse me. probably wasn't funny. >> it was funny. we have to shift gears. >> we are doing that. still to come on wjz. >> reporter: twin murder mystery. i'm denise koch, a columbia teenager is killed, his identical twin brother charged with the crime. what happened in this bizarre case, the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a twin tragedy, a teenager is killed, the suspect, his identical twin brother. an amazing story of murder, imprisonment and freedom. denise koch met with ally. >> reporter: good morning, he made it through the darkest time of oh his life. now he has to figure out how to
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go on without his twin brother. identical twins, mirror images. >> it not just another brother relationship. it's other person that looks just like me. >> reporter: so close, they are almost like one. >> we were a team and did everything toobl. >> reporter: this turns tragic when one ends up dead and the other accused of killing him. i could imagine what my parents went through losing one son and the possibility of losing another one. >> reporter: the last time he saw his brother alive was at the mall in columbia, august of 2007. they hung out here all the time. al left and his brother said he would call him for a ride. after the first hour i started getting worried. after five desperate days, police discover the body near a
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secluded path a few miles from the mall. police say he had been murdered. >> there is a fog of sadness and misery. >> i don't think anyone who is not an identical twin can understand what you are saying. >> i couldn't look myself in the mirror or think about us and what we were to each other and the plans that we had. >> reporter: detectives questioned him about his brother's death. four years passed with no suspects. one morning last fall, his world gets rocked again. >> i see flashlights at my back door, i hear police, radio chatter. they come rushing in, it's like 20, 25 of them. >> reporter: police arrest him, charging him with murdering his twin brother. >> i told him three times, i think he asked me in the interview. >> reporter: the case fodiscusses on inconsistencies in the statements to police. the jury is not convinced and can't reach a verdict.
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the judge declare as mistrial, all charges are dropped. >> i can say as a mother of twins, do you talk to your brother? >> i used to pray every single day that god would let him come to me in a dream, three months in to me being in jail, for the first time in four years i dreamt of my brother, he said it's going to be okay. just hold on. >> the dream comes true hours after the judge dismisss the case he walks out of jail in to the arms of his family. >> it was great being able to kiss and hug my mom again. >> and to know you are free. >> to know i'm free and this is over. >> whatever happened to your brother. >> is unsolved. >> prosecutors told ali and his attorney they will not try him again. ,,,,,,,,,,
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fly nonstop from bwi airport to panama city beach, florida. book all of our destinations online only at that is a live shot across the harbor at rash field , the
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pride one memorial and of course m and t bank stadium beyond it. it is a humid morning. you might find dampness in the streets. marty has first morning weather. >> first morning doppler, there is really no shower activity around. if it is, it's light at best. you saw an easterly flow as we look at temperatures on the flags at rash field. it's a steamy day's start. 66 degrees now. that's a degree warmer than yesterday. by lunch 75, high of 78, afternoon and evening thundershowers likely. what is going on on your post breakfast drive. judging from our traffic camera, take a look, we might have a problem on 295, those are the southbound lanes to the right, a little bit slow, stopped moments ago, possible stent south of there, --
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accident, south there at 175, there is 795, no issues with the exception of the camera problem. a live look outside at the west side of the beltway, looking at the west side camera, baltimore national pike. those are the usual delays for this hour of the morning. arabia and wallther, a car versus a tree. this is brought by your toyota dealer, visit your toyota dealer and test drive the reinvented 2012 camry. it's ready, are you? the top of the news, young girls lured in to prostitution, maryland is emerging as a hot bed of sex trafficking activity because of the central activity along the east coast. how local law enforcement is taking steps to combat that. inside a silver spring hotel room a 15 15-year-old girl
6:32 am
forced to have sex after lured from new york for a fake modeling job. >> he cell phone had been taken. they said there are guys coming up here, you will do these things. >> reporter: rodney is serving five years in prison for human trafficking. the crime affects up to 300,000 american children every single year. it's an emerging problem in mailed. >> reporter: the special agent with homeland security, one of many experts speaking at the governor's conference on this issue, it's intended to train police on how to prosecute offenders and identify the victims, like another teenager saved from gang members who used facebook to entice her to runaway from he family. >> once she ran away to themes they put her in to a sex slave for the ms 13 gang. >> reporter: organizations that work with the victims spoke at the conference, sharing emotional stories trapped at sex slaves some interviewed for this video.
6:33 am
sex trafficking cases reported in almost every maryland county but concentrated in the hotel district surrounding bwi where clients are plentsful. maryland pasted 9 laws but another 9 haven't made it through the legislator. if you see signs of human trafficking, report them to the number on your screen, 186dhs the ice. that number is available on the website. a man is awaiting sentencing after convicted of a murder for hire plot. jeter was paid $1000 to kill row in 2006. jeter is serving a 60 year sentence for unrelated murder. police officers will patrol the inner harbor after a series of highly publicized violence
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incident. 50 officers will blanket the area between thursday and sunday. the city will add new school police control to control the young people causing the problems. upgraded surveillance camera technology will keep an eye on the area. a grand jury indicted the woman held for trying to kill her baby during a supervised visit at a social services office. thomas is charged with attempted murder. the workers jumped in when she pulled out a knife and began tabbing her baby. the workers are accredited with saving the baby's life. a boat slams in to a pier on sunday night. monique griego is live with the latest on the investigation in to that. good morning, monique. >> reporter: good morning, don and good morning, everyone. two of the passengers reminute in the hospital this morning and one is listed in critical
6:35 am
condition. after a boating accident in the river near the key bridge, the coast guard releases recordings in efforts of helping the stranded boaters. fishermen made the calls for help. the coast guard says a 40-foot cruiser struck a pier sunday night, four people rescued, three rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. they include the owner and operator of the boat, 43-year- old jerry medmon from severn. >> damage to the bow of the boat, the first 10 feet of the bow was crushed on impact. >> reporter: the coast guard determined the boat was traveling at t a high rate of speed out of the channel and limited visibility with radar off. as it rounded a corner of the pa tap sco river, it slammed in to a concrete piling.
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a hand injury after explosion last night, he was rushed to the hand center for treatment. the fire department is reminding everyone about the dangers of often authorized fireworks use as we approach the 4th of july. more than two months after abduction of a teenager in northern california, police have her killer in custody. torez expected to be charged today in the disappearance of sierra lamar. police believe the 15 year-old was kidnapped while woking to her bus stop in march. it's unclear if torez and lamar knew each other before her disappearance. a man survives a 180-foot plunge in to the gorge at
6:37 am
niagara falls. he jumped and resurfaced near an observation platform below. a specialized squad used an aerial ladder to bring the man up, he is in serious but stable condition, the third person to survive jumping in to niagara falls without a safety device. today is the one year anniversary of a tornado that devastated joplin, missouri. the president visited the town to give the commencement address at the graduation. >> we can define our lives not by what happens to us but by how we respond. we can choose to carry on. we can choose to make a difference in the world. >> last may a half mile wide f5 tornado struck joplin. 161 people died, 7500 buildings damaged or destroyed. joplin high was one of the buildings lost to rubble.
6:38 am
the students spent the past year at a converted department store space. space travel blasted off in florida, unmanned privately opened rocket is headed to the space station. space x launched the falcon 9 rocket, the fist private space vessel headed to the international space station. space x is attempting to become the first private space vessel to reach the international space station. this was the second launch attempt for space x. the fist ended this past saturday when a faulty check valve caused chamber pressure in one of engines. computers shut down engine.
6:39 am
space x is one of five private companies attempting to win a nasa contract for man's space flight, the agency is hoping that a private company would provide a cost effective replacement for the shuttle program which ended last summer. space x will use ton manned dragon capsule to carry a thousand pounds of food and supplies to the iss. lit perform a series of practice maneuvers. a robotic arm will reach out and pull the capsule in. >> this is a test flight. nasa views test flights primarily as learning opportunities. >> reporter: nasa hopes a private company can deliver people to the space station by 2017. space x hopes to do it two years easterlier. earlier. maryland's legislative leadership announced a possible
6:40 am
date for a second special session, to consider gamble in maryland. if a wok group can reach a consensus that special session will be held the week of july 9th. turning to sports , the orioles remain on top of the american league standings despite a losing streak. the birds hosting the red sox for the fist of three games last night. davis put the birds ahead with a solo home run in the 4th inning, with the game tied in the 6th, greg will give up two runs, the orioles lose 8-6. the ravens hold off season practice in owings mills, rice is not expected to be there. the running back is playing under the franchise tag, 1 year contract, the sun sites sources who say there is progress made on a long-term deal for ray, the new contract would include more than $20 million guaranteed. >> tis is season we talk about
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training champ. memorial day is this weekend. it's around the corner. good scheduling nfl. we have shower activity, not necessarily in the area, i see, keep seeing the little returns and i'm on the aloft scan, showing above us. i'm not going rule out a passing sprinkle. look at the day part, it's the afternoon and evening we will see the most activity to date. take an umbrella to school and work with you. 75, a high of 78 and humid today. monster jam is back. monster jam was a 100% sellout
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success at m and t bank stadium last year. next weekend, it's back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is a nice day's start. 90% humidity. low hanging clouds, barometer 29.88. ocean city, because of a sea breeze 62, oakland, nice and cool, 56 off the equation. everybody is in the mid-60s. cumberland, hagerstown, baltimore, easton, packs river. washington 68. annapolis and kent island 68. 64 westminster, bel air and rock hall. mid-60s around greater columbia. we are stuck in the middle, two systems. wind shift will clear the coast, what is going to get your attention is a push of warm and humid air moving our air defining your weekend. going, going and gone.
6:46 am
heading out to sea and downgraded, spaghetti models are going to agree, the reason we keep not poisoning out alberto, wave action, along the shores as we move towards the beginning of the holiday weekend needs to be noted. 78 degrees the high. showers and thunderstorms mainly later or early this evening. calm 62. sun and clouds tomorrow. cloudy with a high of 88. showers and thunderstorms around. here is the push, maybe a thunderstorm thursday, 84. friday, sat and sunday. 87, 92 and 90 degrees. don, take it away. rush now from sharon gibala, wjz traffic control. >> good morning, we have two delays working now and three accidenting there is a look at one of the delays, no accident, just heave volume on 295 southbound, that delay will set you back between arun dale arundel mills and 32.
6:47 am
southbound 29. an accident at rivers edge, another accident bel air at dunfield, one on liberty. there is a look at the jfx, running smoothly. if we look at the west side, the outer loop is slow running from liberty to edmonton. visit your toyota dealer and test drive the reinvented 2012 camry. it's ready, are you? coffee with, is with george ball han and lieu lieu pais, welcome here to the island. monster jam is back, last year, you guys set the mid atlantic on fire, rolling in m and t bank stadium. people are going this is coming back here. it was unanimous. how did you like m and t bank
6:48 am
stadium. we loved the big stadiums. you can let the truck do what it wants to do. we are not restricted. beautiful facility, the fans here were just awesome. >> seemed like east coast fans were vocal people and they get in to it. let you know when you did a good run and bad run. >> they let you have it. we do what makes us great is we do an autograph session after the show. until ever last man wants to come through, they get to get up and personal with us and let us know you did a good job or i want my money back. give me something better next year. >> i know there were people maybe, i guess skeptical how monster trucks were going to work in baltimore and mid atlantic slash east coast venue. there is a bunch of gear heads in the area, a rich racing history here in maryland. people love the noise. they love the rpm.
6:49 am
>> even if you've never been to a monster jam or top know what it's about, you go one time and it's hooked. it's about the uncertainty, the adrenaline, the fans are feeling the same amount of adrenaline. >> kids tickets are 10 bucks for a lot of stuff. you can't take your family to the movie what is you can do with this. >> one of my son's went and had ear plugs and aspirin. he came back and was talking it up like crazy. >> this is more than just these guys. this is big corporate money on the line. big competition. your sponsors want you to win. there there is a lot of corporate sponsors coming in to the game. monster jam is still climbing. there is a lot of, we are attracting a lot of attention across the corporate world. it's becoming a major motor
6:50 am
sport. >> i maybe stating the obvious here, how the heck do you get that in a helmet. >> i pull it on and bam it pops right back up. hair spray. you got full face helmet. >> after i sweat it doesn't look this pretty but neither does the truck. i will hair spray it up and make sure it looks nice for the ladys after the show. >> you got to get that thing down, put the helmet on. at some point it's going to want to come back up. does it get uncomfortable. >> the first few times it was uncomfortable, now it's second nature. >> how long does it take to do that? >> five minutes. i got it down to science. >> george and i have been teammates before in the dressing room, one thing he always sets out before the evening, his blow dryer, hair
6:51 am
gel. i'm a diva. >> cow could get endorsement gig. think about the fans what gel do you use? >> i bet you get asked a million times. i wrote to try to get an endorsement deal, they said they didn't feel it was a demographic. our trucks are named after the fans. i started calling my mohawk warrior. there are tens of thousand of kids with mohawks. the company would be stupid not to jump on board. little kids running over with mohawks. >> george lieu pais, time has run short. first weekend in june. june 2nd. there it is. monster everything you need to know. very, very cool in deed. the ,,,,,,,, i'm thinking of asking carlina to have dinner at my place.
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here is sharon gibala with wjz tv traffic control. good morning. >> good morning, we are glad that the rain held off for the morning commute. we have problems but nothing too major. that's the topside, left on the outer loop, delays are starting to build. there is a look at 70, 695, running smoothly. 295 slow between arundel mills. there is the west side at baltimore national pike. it's slow on the west side outer loop between liberty road and between liberty and edmonton avenue. southbound, accident at river's edge. this traffic report is brought by home paramount pest control. we are learning about a boat accident in the patapsco river.
6:56 am
the coast guard determined the boat was traveling at a high rate of speed with limited visibility and radar off. two passengers remain in the hospital, one in critical condition. baltimore city police officer is recovering after a car crash on the jones falls expressway. the officer was investigating an earlier accident when another drive hit his cruiser. the officer expected to be okay. a third person is under arrest charged in connection with a pill mill. the 45-year-old is charged with conspiracy to distribute narcotics. her arrest follows the raid on the held hi life clinic where prescription drugs with sold illegally. ,,,,,,,,
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